Monday, February 1, 2010

Moving Right Along Towards 500 Stock Photos

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Between the last post and today's, we've managed to get a bunch more photos uploaded to the various categories, including some winter landscapes (ice fishing, park bench, sunsets, skating rinks), a few new people photos, a couple of nice birthday cake shots in the food section, a few more in the pets category, quite a lot more in the general category (everything from toilet paper to lipstick samples), and the Toys section is up and running with a few more additions to that as well.

There's a couple of new victorian furniture pieces, and a stained glass lamp in the interiors section, a few new bits and pieces in the christmas section, and a couple of new things in the books and newspapers section.

I'm pretty certain there's at least one or two (in some cases much more) new images in almost all of the free stock photo sections.

There's also some new image files in the PNG section. I'm reasonably sure most of you who deal with images on a regular basis know how to use the .png files, but for those who have no idea - just save the png file as a .jpg file and you use the same way you use any image file.

If you are inclined towards textures or backgrounds, there's new stuff in the textures section too, which is usually one of the first things we try to update each week. This week there's new ones in the abstract section, a new one in the wood section (a great huge burl on a tree trunk) and a few new brick textures.

All-in-all, it's been a rather busy week between updating other non-image blogs, creating new images and editing images from my storage files I've barely had time to go outside...but then, it's been really cold too, so my cabin fever has produced more work than I generally put out a week. As they say, "that's more better for you"!

Happy blogging, peeps.

Oh, and just a reminder - if you can't find something you need - please, feel free to ask.