Free Jigsaw Puzzles

All of our free jigsaw puzzles have moved to a new home. You can now download these puzzles (including the children's puzzles) from on either the Jigsaw Puzzles Pages, which are now separated into types (like animals, fruit and flowers, etc.). Since we're moving this current site over to our other site, the puzzle sections will appear as I have time to upload them to the new server (but there are a couple of sections already). Anyone looking for kid's stuff can also find some colouring pages on that site.

Other offerings on Free-3D-Textures include  png files with transparent backgrounds, as well as pre-coloured graphics for use in other children's or educational projects, and a new section for picture quotes (you know, inspirational type mostly, or words to live by), a section with large (a lot of vintage ones) backgrounds, and our new blog section, which is where many of the articles from this site will eventually be found.

Our jigsaw puzzles are created using all of our own imagery - whether it's photographs, digital paintings or hand-drawn designs, we use our own imagery (except of course the custom puzzles which  may be created using your child's own hand-drawn artwork).

Tibo Software

To create the custom puzzle, we use a software program from Tibo Software called Jigs@w Puzzle 2 for which we purchased a license (so we could distribute our created puzzles for free).

When you purchase the software, you will receive a variety of puzzles with it - what you receive and how many will depend on which license you've purchased. You do not, however, require the software to be installed in order to play the free puzzles you download from our site. They are self-contained and can be played simply by downloading and opening the puzzle file.