Friday, October 12, 2018

Happy Halloween ... Just a Little Early

The first thing I've got today is a little Halloween graphic you can use on your site, or your FB page even in your email if you want.

An autumn floral scene with pumpkins and a poster design for Halloween.

And the next is a life-thought. So many people waste time. Some say all we have is time, but the truth is, nobody really knows how much time they have.

A life-thought quote about how we spend our time.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Celebrate Autumn with Landscapes

A pretty farm yard in fall.
I already published some fall landscapes (around the middle of September), but I have a LOT of fall landscapes. I love the brilliant colours and just the glory of the view when the season changes. Every season has it's own beauty, and although I really hate the cold winter months, there are times when the beauty of a fresh snowfall cannot be ignored! I'll publish some of those as the season gets closer, but for now, it's still fall and the world here is still full of it's autumn clothing.

All it takes to lose that is a heavy rainfall and lots of wind, and that happen so quickly here. The fall has been so much drearier than usual - overcast skies for weeks on end, colder than normal temperatures and just a general misery that after a couple of steady weeks of that, you begin to feel a malaise that makes you wish it were over.

What you need at that point is just one day - only a single day of wonderful, brilliant sunshine, a camera, a car, and a good healthy walk around the country roads. Here, doing that is pretty easy since we're less than 5 minutes from all that delicious countryside. One of my favourite things to do in the fall is visit the wildlife sanctuary - here, it is mostly varieties of birds and fowl (like ducks, and swans), but if you're really lucky you can catch a snake warming itself on a rock in the late season sun, or a turtle that's yet to dig into the mud for the winter sleep.

Sometimes you'll find a hare or jackrabbit (hard to chase those), and lots of chipmunks and squirrels still gathering their winter stock.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Some Free Image Textures

A cutglass wineglass with a handful of green grades on a lace background.
Today I'll step away from the photos of "things" and offer some of my textures. Technically, these files are photos, and they are even photos of things, just not "objects". Most of these are photos of either fabrics or papers that can be used for backgrounds or made into repeating textures called "tiles".

These I didn't make into tiles myself, so essentially they are just the photo. That allows the user to decide what to do with it's use, but if you do want to make a chunk of the image into a repeating tile (good for web backgrounds) and don't really know how, there are some software options available that you can use.

Pixplant is one I have used before; others are options like Patternizer's striped pattern generator, and PatternIco for doing it online. There are many small freeware products out there for doing this - at one point I had half a dozen installed and they all produced something slightly different, depending on the design in the original photo. If all you need is to make a basic tiled web background, any one of the free products would probably do the job just fine.

Personally, I just use Photoshop since I own that product. It does the job, but sometimes it takes a lot of fiddling to get it to tile seamlessly.

For using textures in 3D software you generally do need to have a seamless tile ... although I haven't used a 3D software in about 5 years, so some of the functions may have changed since then. Anyone who uses 3D imaging programs regularly will probably already know how to turn these into useful textures for the program's use. It only takes a small bit of an image (256 X 256) to make a texture that will work on 3D objects.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Thanksgiving and Halloween

Pumpkins with fall leaves grace the outside entrance of a brick home.
Are you ready? I'm not. We're never ready for holidays any more. I used to be a lot more organized when it came to holiday times, but the older I get, the less important it is to do all the decorating and gearing up.

We used to "do" Halloween to "the nines" when my children and grandchildren were small, but not so much anymore. We get all the goodies to hand out, but there's very little in the way of decorating. A jack-lantern here and there but that's about the extent of it.

The same for Thanksgiving. Sometimes I'll have a bunch of small fall gourds in a big wooden bowl, and there's usually a small outdoor wreath, and uncut pumpkins outside on the porch, and in the front entryway of the house two fall floral arrangements. That's pretty much it.

Since our kids married and started their own families (families who are now grown up - the grandbabies are all between 18 and 20!) the only holiday I really take time to decorate for is Christmas. For most of the other holidays our small family is somewhat split up and it's rare for all of them to be here for Thanksgiving.

That happens to be the big racing weekend in our area (usually in Peterborough - "Fall Colours") to end the official race season and sometimes one or both of our kids families are at the races, leaving us to do our own thing.