Friday, September 25, 2009

Mixed Bag of Goodies

vintage pin or brooch in silver, with blue and white crystal stonesWell today is just a big mixed bag of stuff, from a stethoscope to a designer handbag and jewelry - a little outside of my usual since I try to keep things to a theme, so you'll just have to pick through them one at a time today to find what you need.

A vintage pin (brooch) from the early 1960s in silver plating with faux sapphires and rhinestones in a large sweeping design.

This belonged to my mother and once upon a time also had a pair of clip-on matching earrings.

My grandmother had the same set with green stones (or "faux emeralds" if you like, lol). These types of sets could often be purchased at department stores like Zellers, K-Mart, or Woolco (now WalMart of course) back in the 1960s and 1970s).

silver plated vintage brooch in the shape of a butterfly and covered with rhinestonesHere's another vintage pin that belonged to my mother - a butterfly design in silver plate with rhinestones and faux garnets.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Trip to the Farm

A trip out to a friend's farm turned up this working barn photo - a red barn surrounded with the tools of farming - parts of wooden crates, an old lift for getting the hay up into the hay mow, and off to the side a horse trailer, used for transporting the horses used on the farm.

Although this is a working barn and the door system is pretty new, the barn is in need of some minor repairs - the roof needs some new tin pieces, and a few of the barn boards are in need of replacing but ... a weathered old barn is often a sign of a seriously busy farmer!

The next one is from the same farm above - part of a field used for the cows to graze, with islands of trees here and there, and some pretty big rocks. These areas provide shelter from the hot summer sun for the cows, seen here in this photo laying in the coolness of the shade.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

One For the Ladies

Well, we've had a couple of posts designed distinctly for the men, so today's is mostly for the women and girls...rings, rings and more rings. I've got some other jewelry to post later on - necklaces, watches (mens and ladies), and vintage brooches (pins), but for today, just a few rings.

large dinner ring of cubic zirconia and silver
This rather large ring is silver with cubic zirconias in a round pattern. Designed after a dinner-ring style, it's meant for wearing at a fancy dinner party or large event. This one is about 15 years old, and still looks pretty good on the hand.

gold wedding ring and engagement ring with single diamonds in both rings
This wedding ring set has been seen on this blog before, in a velvet box. Here, they are viewed from the font, instead of the side. A delicate set with raised shoulders, these are 14 karat gold with single diamonds in both the engagement ring and wedding ring.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hey Guys...More Stuff for You!

I put this stuff up there for the guys, but I have to admit...these are pretty much all my tools (except for the duct tape). I had to use mine because nobody can ever find my husband's...not even him. So while this stuff was posted for the handy-men out there, I really do know that women make use of these things almost as often as men.

forward-press work staple-gun used in all kinds of jobs, copyright J. Gracey Stinson
My husband bought this staple gun for me because I couldn't use the old regular one anymore. I don't have the hand strength that I once had and found I couldn't get the staples to go into anything...not even a simple job like recovering a footstool. This one, though - it just works like a charm.

free stock photo of a small wooden handled hammer, copyright J. Gracey Stinson
This is my little "ladies" hammer. Smaller and lighter than a normal hammer, it's been pretty handy for hanging small pictures and building crafty projects (small birdhouses, my dollhouse and miniatures). I like it's weight - it isn't so heavy that it throws my aim off like the heavier ones, but it's not much good for driving in heavy nails.