Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Trip Through the Interior

We’ve had a bit of a tough week this time around. My time was pretty limited since I spent a lot of it with my elderly Aunt.  She ended up being hospitalized this week, and neither her place nor the hospital allows me to spend time at the computer or in the studio.

So when life hands you lemons, you try to make some lemonade.  While I was at her place I used a little time taking some interior shots of her home to add to my “Interiors” collection.  I wasn’t well prepared for shooting indoors since I don’t carry around my lighting out of habit, but some of them aren’t bad, and she has an interesting home.

Some of the shots I set aside to isolate for .png files and I haven’t been able to get around to that yet (but I've managed some of them - some of the furniture/chairs have been isolated as .pngs and can be found on, but here’s a sneek-peek at some of the new stuff in the interiors section.

Along with these there’s a few photos added to some of the other sections, but on the whole my time has been spent elsewhere this week. In the “General” section is a set of antique ceramic/china canisters in blue and white (really “cream” as opposed to white) often referred to as “delft” – these indeed have a pattern of dutch girls on them. The thumbnail doesn’t show the complete set – there are two additional pieces visible in the larger photo. My Aunt has owned these as long as I can remember, so they’ve been in her possession for 50 years (give or take) and were purchased for her from an antique shop. My Aunt has always loved the delft ware and has collected it and other similar blue and white china since the early days of her marriage.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Moving Right Along Towards 500 Stock Photos

Between the last post and today's, we've managed to get a bunch more photos uploaded to the various categories, including some winter landscapes (ice fishing, park bench, sunsets, skating rinks), a few new people photos, a couple of nice birthday cake shots in the food section, a few more in the pets category, quite a lot more in the general category (everything from toilet paper to lipstick samples), and the Toys section is up and running with a few more additions to that as well.

There's a couple of new Victorian furniture pieces, and a stained glass lamp in the interiors section, a few new bits and pieces in the christmas section, and a couple of new things in the books and newspapers section.

If you are inclined towards textures or backgrounds, we'll be getting around towards uploading some of those in the next months.